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Whitney Houston and Bobbie Kristina


Holding on to Spirituality: Bobbi Kristina and Mother Loss

Reflections on grieving the loss of a parent in light of Whitney Houston's death

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Theres Nothing Easy About Losing a Parent

No matter our stage in life, losing a parent is a terrible thing. Whether you're 7 or 70, somebody vitally important to you is gone, somebody who's been there your entire life. How can you go on?

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Remember Me

Author Linda Ellis shares an inspiring poem of hope for anyone who's lost someone they love.

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Nine Simple Practices to Embrace Joy

When tragedy strikes, it's hard to find happiness again. Here are some things to do help you through these periods and bring you on the ro.

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Young woman comforts her friend


10 Ways to Offer Solace

An experienced grief counselor, Roberta Temes, offers 10 ways to help people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Here's how you can help friends or relatives as they journey through the bereavement process.

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Thank You for Not Mentioning God

Is mentioning the deity at a wedding ever a no-no? Plus: Hindu bereavement rituals and wearing baseball caps to bar mitzvahs

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