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Beijing Square


8 Sacred Places in Beijing

As the world turns its attention to Beijing and to the elite athletes gathering there for the Olympics, we invite you to take a virtual tour of the 8 most sacred places in this historically prominent city.

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China executes two alleged Muslim separatists

Critics say China is using the fight against terrorism as a cover for increased repression

Related Topics: News, Terrorism, Terrorist, Central Asian States, China, Prison, Suspended Death Sentences, Western Region, Beijing, Terror Attacks, Xinjiang


Hundreds Expelled From Tibet Institute

In another attack on Tibetan Buddhism, Beijing destroys monastic institute that was home to hundeds of monks, nuns and scholars.

Related Topics: Faiths, Monastic Institute, Institute, Monk, Beijing, Monitoring Group, Buddhism, Chinese Governments Fear, Expulsions, Nun, Government, Nun Collecting Belongings


U.S. Wants China's Human Rights Record Condemned

Resolution submitted to UN commission on day Beijing agrees to free detained Americans; Falun Gong, Tibetan treatment cited.

Related Topics: United States, Commission, American Crew Members, Resolution, Beijing, Chinese Jet Fighter, Government Opponents, Emergency Landing, Human Rights Record, Countries, News


China Reports New Falun Gong Immolation

The sect claims the incidents do not involve genuine members. Six purported Falun Gong suicides have been reported by Beijing.

Related Topics: Spiritual Movement, Fire, State Media, Sects Philosophies, Beijing, Suicide, Set Fire, Falun Gong, Shoe Shiner, Police, News


Falun Gong Follower Burnt to Death in Suicidal Blaze

A report from the official Chinese news agency of the reported immolations of Falun Gong members.

Related Topics: News, Police, Falun Gong, Official Chinese News, Chinese News Agency, Follower, Beijing, Death In, Xinhua, Police Sources, Li Hongzhi


Annan Urges Greater Women's Equality

In a replay of Beijing 1995, a U.N. conference on women faces opposiiton from the Vatican and some Islamic nations

Related Topics: Special Session, Education, Beijing, Conference Reviewing Progress, Women, Womens Inheritance Rights, Countries, Womens Activists, Government, Human Rights, News

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