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The 'Da Vinci' Moment

What is it about this particular story that sparks so much interest--and opposition?

Related Topics: Religion Professor, Jesus Relationship, Conspiracy Theory, Texts, Authority, Novel, Entertainment, Story, The Da Vinci Code, Christianity, Cynicism Thats Driving, Ambiguous Ancient Texts


Pagans Reject the Idea of Evil--
How Do We Respond to Terrorism?

We have nature as our teacher, and a set of rough ethics that value life, balance, and interconnection.

Related Topics: Faiths, Earth Based Religions, Violence, Life, Pagan Response, Ideology, Economic System, Global Warming, Value Life, Evil, Israeli Independence Movement, Authority


The Pontiff in Winter

John Paul was a human being who ran the papacy as if he were Superman. But a Superman has no place in the Church.

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Biography, Church, World, Authority, Sexual Abuse, Human Person, Personality, Papal Rule, Comprehensive Vision, Countless Spiritual Teachers


On This Shelf of Rocks I Will Build My Church

A Protestant Bible expert discusses what Jesus meant when he spoke to Peter. Plus: Why isn't God a she?

Related Topics: Faiths, Living Person Choosing, Pyramids, World Religions, Authority, God, Human Constructions, Tradition, Fertility Religion, Teaching Authority, Protestant, Language


The Trial of Anne Hutchinson

Anne Hutchinson wasn't allowed to found a church or a new colony. But she did help invent religious liberty in America.

Related Topics: Entertainment, Books, Authority, Governor, Minister, Child, Four Mile Walk Inland, House, Evening Meetings, White Linen Smock, Teaching, Formal Schooling


A Dharma Melting Pot

Something special is happening among American Buddhists. They're interacting, arguing, and creating a unique kind of Buddhism.

Related Topics: Faiths, Buddhism, Tradition, Practice, Dharma Melting, Skillful Means, Teaching, Dharma Melting Pot, Authority, Blind Belief, Pure Awareness

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