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Atheists report they are taking their kids to church

In a surprising discovery, two researchers find that atheists at 21 different universities think it's important that their children be exposed to matters of faith

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The Jovialites: The Jewish Atheist


The Jovialites: The Jewish Atheist

On New York's Upper West Side lived an assimilated Jew who was a militant atheist. But he sent his son to Trinity School because, despite its denominational roots…

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The Jovialites:  Three in a Tornado


The Jovialites: Three in a Tornado

A Wiccan, a Christian, and an atheist are walking casually down a street, talking amongst themselves in a friendly manner when they spot a tornado…

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Not Such a Bright Idea

Some nonbelievers are calling themselves 'Brights.' But is what they imply about religious people valid?

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The Goal of the Pledge Suit

The Pledge of Allegiance plaintiff explains he is contesting 'Under God' to raise awareness of the 'plight of atheists.'

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'Under G-d' Is Engraved on Our Hearts

Religious conviction is--and has always been--central to the American republic.

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Does a National Day of Prayer Violate the Constitution?

The American Atheists organization thinks so, especially with this year's emphasis on prayer at schools

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The Martha Stewart of Atheism

Ellen Johnson, the successor of the 'most hated woman in America,' makes American Atheists family-friendly

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