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Do you listen to music when you pray? There are many songs and melodies that inspire prayer, some conventional...some not. This week, Twana plays a few selections that inspire her own prayer life and talks about the encouragement music gives....if we only listen.What Matters: Music that Inspires Prayer




Radio Transcript

Song is played.

A beautiful interlude from contemporary gospel artist Joanna Rosario. The first time I heard it was when the movie titled The Gospel. It only ran for about 30 seconds but I was so curious and inspired, I knew that looking at the artist and soundtrack and it's something that I've added to my personal collection. I return to it often for encouragement. Good evening, welcome to What Matters. I'm your host Twana James, I'm a praymaker, I'm a mother and a wife and a member of the online community Prayables.com where women of all different faiths and backgrounds share the common bond of making prayer a priority in our everyday lives.


Today I'm dipping into my own personal music collection and share with you some of the music that has inspired my prayer life over the years. Some of the pieces are conventional gospel music because I am Christian, however because of my respect for various and different cultures, I have learned to appreciate music that inspires prayer in other parts of the world, including this song, which I also first heard in a movie titled The Constant Gardener. As you'll hear throughout the piece, it is called Kothbiro and I'll share its translation with you at the end.

Song #2 is played.

This song melody inspired me in prayer long before I looked up the translation. But after learning it's meaning I was inspired even more because I see prayer three-fold; praise, penance and preperation. And to me, I don't know the author's original goal, but to me this song speaks to the prepartion of what may be ahead. Of course we don't look forward to dark and stormy times along our spiritual path, but as people of faith we know that they will come. And the song says that 'Rain is on its way. Return our kettle home.' For me that says God forgive that the worst happen, but please protect me, my family, my spirit in the midst of all that lies ahead. In 1996 this next song was released, it was an especially hard year for me and I was in much prayer. I remember hearing htis song and it gave me so much help. The artist is Jackee Velasquez, she's recorded this song in both Spanish and English, but I prefer the Spanish version because that's the way I remember first hearing it. It's titled Un Lugar Celestial which means Heavenly place.

Song #3 is played.

That was Heavenly Place, Un Lugar Celestial, by Jackee Velasquez. This next selection always bring tears to my eyes. It invokes prayers for women in children in wartime parts of the world. I'm reminded just how blessed I am no matter my struggle, whenever I hear it. And I'm reminded those blessings are not for self, but as a means to help others. It's simply titled Pearl, by music artist Shaday. The lyrics speak volumes.

Song #4 is played.

Pearl, by Nigerian born singer, Shaday. I wish I had more because there are so many more songs and melodies that I would like to share that have inspired my prayer life. But there's one last piece I would like to close with, which is in inofitself a prayer straight out of the bible, I was move into the song by Harpes Jeff Majors, I'd like to share a prayer with you from the Prayables.com prayer collection. Music Within, by Miranda Claudius.

Song #5 is played.



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