You’re itching for a change. Your first thought is; you need a new job. This idea to change jobs occupies your mind and creeps its way into conversations. You start searching job boards, sending out resumes and dream up new ways to make money doing something, or anything, different.  

Sound familiar? It did for Taneesha. “I put myself out there, I answered a few ads, even had a couple of interviews, and then I realized… it’s not a job change I need, it’s a life change.”

When there are difficult changes you need to make in habits or even relationships, don’t let your job become your excuse.  Taneesha spent time in prayer and self-examination until she saw the path to contentment. For her, it was breaking up with a boyfriend who couldn’t give her the attention and affection she deserved. For you, it’s probably something else.

Conquering restless feelings is within your grasp. First, focus on the right problem. You’ll find answers within that will change your life.


Thank You for the seasons
You've designed for Your creations;
for the sweet and gentle signals
that it's time to change,
time to blossom and thrive,
time to release and restore.
May I be always open
to unfamiliar winds,
confident each new change
speaks of new life ahead.


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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
There was a flutter of wings and the bright appearance of an angel in the air, speeding forth on some heavenly mission. end quote
-Nathaniel Hawthorne, "The Celestial Railroad"
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