Song of Creation

BY: sueB

Many readers will find that this text sounds a little familiar:

"O all you works of the Lord, bless you the Lord: praisehim, and magnify him forever."

"O you heavens, bless you the Lord: praise him, andmagnify him forever."

"O you angel messengers of God, bless you the Lord: praise him, and magnify him forever."

Song of Creation is based on The Prayer of Azariahand the Song of the Three Young Men in the Book of Daniel. It has been adapted into a song in TheLiturgy of Hours as well as a prayer in The Book of Common Prayer.

Goble expands on the common text by adding his gloriousillustrations and additional lines of prayer. Heavens and messengers of God are illustrated by the birds of the airwith Goble then naming these same birds in prayer. "O you nighthawks, bless you the Lord: praisehim, and magnify him forever." From fishto birds and bison, Goble pulls much of Creation into this magnificentlyillustrated text.

Goble's illustrations with their bold outlines (black lineframed in white) and strong colors most often bring to mind Native Americanledger drawings, but these illustrations are just a bit different. Gentle waves, snow fall and the grace of barebranches add an element of Japanese watercolor. While the effect could be jarring if attempted by a lesser artist, Goblepulls the two together to create paintings that celebrate the natural world aswell as the Creator of us all.

This picture book is an excellent bed time story as well asa stepping stone for discussion about Creation, ecology and our stewardshiptowards the Earth. It is also aprayerful read for all nature lovers and deserving of a spot in the quiet placeyou read and/or pray.



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