Practicing the Habit of Happy

BY: SusanD


In spite of all that is going on around her, Nicky is determined to be happy.  Her husband walked out last year, the kids are not okay, and Mom and Dad are old and needy. She has the misery trifecta, yet Nicky herself is very happy.

What are the habits of happy people, and how can we learn from them? Cheeky writer Rea Frey came up with a list of rules to live by. She’s confident that everyone can learn to live a happier life.

Rea’s Rules:
1. Be grateful.
2. Don’t judge others.
3. Banish the negative self-talk.
4. Be humble.
5. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
6. Hug your kids/family/friends daily and often.
7. Sweat every day.
8. Don’t gossip.
9. Compliment strangers.
10. Be kinder than you have to.

There aren’t just ten rules for happiness. What works for Nicky and Rea may not work for you, but it’s a great start. We are blessed with the ability to create our own happiness. Write your own happy rules and follow them.

Susan Diamond is founder of and publisher of .

Minute to Minute

I focus on my blessings
with an attitude of gratitude.
Content I have food to share;
grateful my friends care;
happy to have a roof over my head,
even though it leaks...
For I am alive!
I am secure in the knowledge
that I love and that I am loved,
and that I have the gift of understanding,
and the knack of empathy.
I am grateful.
I am blessed.






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