God of Comfort

BY: SusanD


Shocking, truly eye-popping, what the F---!, kind of shocking:
Comfort is not a religious value.

Here’s how I heard it: The point of religion is not to be comfortable; it’s to be unsettled. When you’re uncomfortable, you’re more aware of the world. Discomfort leads you to do more. Discomfort leads to searching. It’s by being jolted out of the comfort zone, that deeper understanding is gained.

Yep, that sounds like religion. Big gray answers with wiggle room to spare. Yet, truth be told, I am uncomfortable with the kind of religion that has black and white answers to the kind of questions that shouldn’t have answers; only opinions.

I may not always be comfortable with religion, but I always find comfort in prayer. That’s the kind of religious values I practice. It’s me and my Creator, snuggling up real comfortable-like in the cushiony softness of prayer.

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Finding Home

I wish for a house
with many rooms
to hold all my prayers
for you, my friend.

Happiness will sleep
in the still places:
in cups of tea, picture frames
and the smell of hope
that wraps around walls.





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