Breakdown into Breakthrough


Sometimes a breakdown can be the beginning of a breakthrough.

For years, Harvard Business School tried to teach business success.  But they found that you couldn’t learn very much by teaching about successful businesses.  So they changed their whole curriculum.  They now teach failure.  They concentrate on certain businesses that have failed and why they have done so.  They have found that you can learn five times as much from failure as you can from success.

You can cope with failure in the right way: Believe that it’s not final, take God's hand and say,

"OK, God I have gotten myself into another mess.  It is time to turn around and go a different way.”  

Call forth, in prayer, to God, and use any failure as fuel to fan the flames of the success. In God, you are lifted above the turmoil that may have been going on around you.  You are kept relaxed and at peace when people and conditions crowd in upon you.  In God, you are given mastery over your world. Turn your breakdowns into breakthroughs.

Christopher Chenoweth is the leader of Positive Christianity, the worldwide Internet place for prayer. All faiths are welcome, it is a ministry without physical, or denominational walls, that the world can instantly access, and use, without cost. 

Arms Around Me

I thought I knew this person,
but I have not loved wisely.
The relationship is ending;
it was toxic for us both.

Teach me to move on
without bitterness and regret.
Help me to forgive myself
while I seek a better other.

Let me feel Your spiritual arms
supporting me as I weep.
Let me gain from You the certainty:
This decision is good
and sits well in my soul.

-Brenda Scott


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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
An angel of Paradise, no less, is always beside me, wrapped in everlasting ecstasy on his Lord. end quote
-Pope John XXIII
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