Financial Fitness for the Faithful


Money can’t buy you happiness, but it sure helps put a smile on your face when the bills are paid!

Hennie has money problems. Too little coming in, and too much going out. She confided in her good friend Lynn, that she is stressed out and angry that money has such a tight grip on her emotions. Lynn wants to help. But even though they reveal their deepest secrets to each other, and they gab freely about orgasms and facial hairs, talking about money with her BFF makes her squirm.

In the same way friendship is a gift from the Creator, the ability to be financially fit is a gift too. Think about Hennie and others like her, and the choices made everyday about money. Then look to God and pray for the power to be “all-powerful” with money.


I have been afraid of money . . .
afraid that understanding finances
would make me cold,
that preferring security
makes me faithless,
that wishing for prosperity
makes me greedy.

Please clear my heart of fear,
so that You can finally provide for me
by teaching me to provide for myself.

Grant me the courage to put a price on my work,
the wisdom to govern my finances,
the peace of mind to enjoy prosperity without guilt.

And as You teach me self-sufficiency,
please keep my priorities in check,
that I may spend what I earn in a way that honors
myself, my world, and You.

- Abigail Wurdeman


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Today's Spiritual Quote
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