Turning a Life Around

BY: Amanda


The guy was trouble. Petty theft, bar fights and too much time spent partying. Quentin was a typical 20-something who needed to turn his life around. Is it possible to influence another person without being preachy and uncool?

Aunt Kam managed to do it, and she was oh so subtle. Kam finds her spiritual strength in ™. She meditates twice daily. She started in her hippie days in the seventies, and everything is still groovy. Aunt Kam knew her nephew needed to find inner peace before he could change his ways.

Truth is, we're influenced by people who are like ourselves. Quentin, at 22, could never relate to Kam at 55. So Kam asked Marcus, who is 30, to teach Quentin how to meditate. It changed his life. There are few words that can transform a life — but actions do.

Quentin learned how to look inward. Whether it's an inspirational prayer or a single-syllable mantra, it doesn't matter. Strength comes from within.

Listening for You

Time and time again,
I bring my concerns
and worries to You,
but when I try to hear Your voice,
something always gets in the way.

The phone rings.
The oven timer goes off.
Someone calls my name.

Please help me find a time,
a place, a way to hear
what it is You need to tell me.
I know You will speak to me.
I simply need Your help
to find the space and the quiet to hear
what You have to say.

"Have you been an influence to a young person in your life?"




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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
As they drew close to the glittering, pleated, roaring weir, Carter had the sudden distinct feeling that he should look behind him. And there was the heron, sailing out of the woods toward them, against the wind, held, indeed, motionless within the wind, standing in midair with his six-foot wingspread--an angel. end quote
-John Updike,
"The Afterlife"
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