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I am certain; I am made in the image of God. I am less certain that God shares my drooping jowls and varicose veins.  I know, we’re not supposed to be talking about the flesh when referring to Divine imagery, but I just can’t help wondering.

If my body is a temple, it makes perfectly good sense to make it a beautiful home for me to worship in. Yet, where do I draw the line? Is it O.K. to invest in expensive creams, a personal trainer, chemical peel or tummy tuck?

Like so many decisions, it’s complicated. Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., a professor of sociology at the University of Washington and AARP Ambassador, shares some sensible tips on coming to grips with body changes:

1.    Understand what's normal, and what's not.
2.    Forget about looking young.
3.    Take action!

I agree with Pepper. Whenever I tackle a problem, spiritual or secular, understanding is the perfect place to start.

from the AARP article "What Would You Do to Look Younger?" By Margery D. Rosen

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Less is More

I need permission
to be less than perfect,
always aiming for the impossible.

Driven to succeed,
I'm missing all the special moments
that make life worthwhile.
When will I learn
the kitchen never stays clean?
When will I appreciate an
interruption from a family member?

I long for You to enlighten me,
to show me what's important
and what truly deserves measure.






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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
One of the main messages angels have for us: Life is really not serious, and humor and levity equal creativity. Life can be beautiful, like the colors of Heaven. Humans need to incorporate celestial play and joy into their lives." end quote
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"Messengers of Light"
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