Appreciating the Universe

BY: SusanD


Life is like one great big condo building stretching up to the heavens: Countless communities living together under one roof, sharing the common areas and then retreating to the privacy of their own space.

You see it everywhere. Like-minded people gather together, driven by a shared purpose and finding strength in numbers. There are pro-lifers and pro-choicers. There are Cub fans and Sox fans. There’s and . From one end of the spectrum to the other, we are blessed with diversity in the way we think and act.

Do you have an issue you want to own? Maybe you’re simply looking to rent, enjoying the flexibility of keeping your options open. Either way, find a community where you’re comfortable and you feel fulfilled. A condo building stays rooted in its foundation, its occupants move in and out. Appreciate the fluidity we have as humankind and the constancy of a generous universe that is the roof over our heads and shelter from life’s storms.

Room For You

In the tiny rooms of this apartment,
I praise You.
Only through You do I have shelter.
Only by your hand,
do I have laundry to do,
food to prepare, and dishes to wash.
It may not be a vast palace
or a mansion full of servants,
but it is where I am,
and I praise You
for all You have given me.






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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
Angels are unsatisfiable in their longing to do by all means all manner of good unto all the creatures, ...especially the children of men. end quote
-Richard Hooker
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