Accepting the Good in a Sibling

BY: Amanda


Donna and her sister have absolutely nothing in common. They don't look alike, think alike, or act alike. In fact, Donna doesn't even like her sister. But she loves her— just barely.

The complexity of sibling relationships is an old story; every generation has one, every family has one. Here's Donna's:

"My sister is a bitch. Sorry, but that's how it is. She cares only for herself. Her priorities are all screwed up; shopping and showing off are #1 and #2. She ignores my mother and finds excuses not to come to holiday get-togethers. And when she does grace us with her presence, it's like she's doing everyone a big fat favor by showing up."

Despite the obvious resentment, they get along— beautifully in fact. Donna figured out long ago to lower her expectations and accept her sister for the good in her, not the bad. The love of family is a blessing from the Divine. Siblings share a spark of life that goes beyond a quirky personality. Sisters are part of the beautiful family of mankind.

Coming to You in Prayer

Help me lift my mind and heart to You.
Let me come in reverence
for You are greater
than anything else can be.

Let me raise my voice in thanks
for You have given me so much.
Let me hold up my brothers and sisters,
fellow humans in need
of Your love, Your strength, and Your mercy.

And last of all,
let me share with You my own concerns
for You are the One who listens when I pray
and holds my cares close, day and night.

"Are you and your siblings more alike or different?"





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