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Gimme some butter, ‘cuz I’m on a roll!

Are you sticking to your plan for a healthier you? Good for you — you’re honoring your body by eating right and working out regularly. But when vacation time comes, it’s easy to fall back into old habits.  Fitness expert Lynn Bode says, “Even some of the most die-hard exercisers find it difficult to stick with a workout program when traveling on business or for pleasure.”

Here are Lynn’s tips to make sure your healthy habits are not completely disrupted when you’re not at home:

-Be realistic. Shoot for completing at least 50% of your normal regimen.

-Pack a resistance band in your suitcase. The band takes up very little space, yet can provide you with an entire workout routine.

-Enjoy some special meals without going overboard. Ask the restaurants to prepare your favorite dishes with a few lower fat ingredients.

-Prepare snacks. Be sure to pack some healthy snacks, so you aren't forced to eat from fast food and convenience shops.

Bring more peace of mind to your travels by preparing to mind your body!

on the topic by Lynn Brode.

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Me Time

On my best days,
I know it isn’t selfish
to make time for exercise—
to take time for me.
On dark days,
I doubt my choices.
Am I irresponsible,
neglecting my work,
family, and friends?

Help me realize
I deserve the nurturing
You provide for all of creation.
Caring for me is the first step
in caring for others.
I overcome the dark days
by embracing Your best days.






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Today's Spiritual Quote
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