Un-holy Smokes

BY: SusanD


My new friend Katie tells me she’s a chickatarian. No red meat, only chicken breast— for the protein.

The two of us went to my favorite salad place for dinner. It’s buffet style, and dessert is a hot fruit cobbler with fat-free frozen yogurt. As I’m raising a yummy spoonful to my mouth, Katie says; “Do you know how much sugar you’re eating? It’s so unhealthy.” Buzz-kill.

When we were through with dinner, we walk into the parking lot. Katie opens her purse, takes out a cigarette and lights up. YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Who’s the one with unhealthy habits here?

I’m well aware that too much sugar can be bad. But cigarette smoking kills. We are all caretakers, rather than owners of our bodies. Out of respect for the One who made the loan of our humanly form, we should resolve to do all that we can to eliminate deadly habits that endanger life. There is nothing holy about smokes.

Giving Up the Smokes

Today I did not do
that thing I should not do:
That thing I've allowed
to define me,
for far too long.

I tell myself stories about it.
"It keeps me thin."
"I can't resist it."
Today I realized
those stories are lies,
and I didn't listen.

I know You are here,
my support and my shield,
infusing me with strength
I do not possess.
I thank you.

Today, stay here beside me.
Help me tomorrow,
and the day after that
to say no to cigarettes
again and again, ceaselessly,
because I value
the life you've given me,
and I do not want to abbreviate it.





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