Gracefully Aging: Prayer for Betty

bettyRaised in a Christian home, Betty was brought up by her parents to love her spiritual roots and have a strong sense of family.  At the young age of 15, she married her one and only sweetheart to start a household of her own. The couple was married for 52 years until her husband’s passing. She continues to be a devoted wife, even after her husband’s death, and the loving mother of three beautiful daughters.

Betty is now 80 years young and has touched the lives of those she’s come into contact with over the years. Though raised in a religious home she has become a “born again” Christian, striving to live her life with passion and love for her faith.

Though it seems Betty lives a happy and stable life, like most elderly individuals she is experiencing the normal physical and mental challenges that come along with being a senior.  Besides declining health issues, Betty is still recovering from the loss of her beloved husband in 1999, constantly feeling lonely and down. She is also suffering with an increased feeling of uncertainty when it comes to her mental capabilities. Those around her are challenging her mental status with their impatience and lack of understanding.

Betty is being faced with a life altering decision; one that will affect her health, security and her overall independence. She must decide whether to remain in her house, which she and her husband had built over 65 years ago, or to move into an assisted living residence.  Along with leaving her home-sweet-home, she would be giving up her church and valued church family as the assisted living facility is far away.

Betty needs the prayers from our community, and the will from Above, to find peace and contentment in the decision she needs to make. She would like to continue living in the house in which she and her husband built until the day she is called to her eternal home, but that may not be possible. Let us join her in prayer, to lift her name up to the Higher Power, and ask for the guidance she seeks.

A true testimony of love, grace, and mercy, Betty's life has been an inspiration to me and others in my local congregation. I’m now sharing her story so she can find inspiration from others across the Internet.  Please join in prayer for Betty, and may you be blessed richly.

Feeling Lonely

My mornings of sorrow 
are shrouded in pain.
This "ideal" lifestyle
is crumbling into dust.
Hope is shattered.
Life has imploded
into the sands of time.

Tears like crystal ball snowflakes
fleck with happiness
twirling with the forces
of false emotion,
as myriad feelings
reflect on mirrors
dulled by pain
and the dust of age.
Empty household memories
fill my mind's eye.

But tomorrow,
hope will peek through the clouds again,
and try to banish the bleakness
of this lonely existence.
Help me find the will to trust,
and believe in You again.

-Tanja Cilia




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