Daily Inspiration: Reflections on Natl. Day of Prayer

Some people are grumbling about the National Day of Prayer. They’re saying it’s too “Christian” and doesn’t do what it should do: Unite all people of the nation in prayer.

You’ve heard the expression, “America is a melting pot.” It’s true. Not only are Americans ethnically diverse, there’s variety in the way religion is practiced (or not) in the U.S. Here’s some stats: 24% Catholic, 26% Evangelical, 18% Mainline Protestant, 2% Mormon, 2% Jewish, 2% Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu, and 16% unaffiliated.

With all these different ingredients in the “pot” how do you come up with one way to pray, on one particular day? It could be as simple as using inclusive language. The founding fathers would invoke prayer using phrases like, “the Almighty” or “the Infinite Power.” Lately our leaders choose to go with an appointed clergy person, declaring the deity, “Jesus.” No, not very unifying at all.

Yet if you believe God brings about His purposes through different people, then maybe you can get past the language and get to the heart of the matter. Setting aside a day for the nation to come together in prayer is a very good thing.

Sadly, it's politics which is the "anti-unifier." When in a position of power, good men and woman will use every tool at their disposal to score political points. Even the most powerful tool of all; prayer.

Finding one way to pray on the National Day of Prayer will never happen. Make it personal instead. Like it, or loath it, the National Day of Prayer has God as its center.  Exactly where He should be.

 Prayer for Unity in Prayer

God of Leaders,
Bring us together in love for You.
Through prayer we speak for You,
of You, and we speak to You.
The language of prayer is
universally understood
by all who adore You.

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