Daily Inspiration: Living With It

It came back to bite her eventually. Erin was a heart breaker when she was young. The guys would fall for her, she’d give them a chance, and before long she’d notice an irritating habit, and he was toast. Imagine her surprise when her own husband turned the table! Erin and Tim have been happily married for twenty-five years. She’s the first to admit, she’s not easy to live with. But neither is Tim, he’s moody and crabby. Erin learned when to loosen him up and when to leave him alone.  As for Tim, he knows how to gently remind Erin to back off when she’s bossy and overbearing.

Up until recently they got along just fine. The trouble began with a snough. Erin developed a nasty little sneeze-cough combo that was uncontrollable and extremely annoying. Tim’s long-standing history of being patient and understanding with his wife changed whenever he heard Erin snough. It became a contentious issue.

Erin made the rounds of medical specialists looking for a snough cure. No one was able to help her. She tried everything from a raw diet to hypnosis to pills. She prayed on it and decided God must have a reason for not intervening. Erin hoped it wasn’t payback time for her intolerance of the ticks and twitches of boyfriends past.

Turns out it caused her to feel true compassion for the plight of fellow sufferers with a great deal more to live with than a snough. It wasn’t as easy for Tim to gain the same insight, but he’s a good guy at heart and he did finally accept Erin’s snoughing. 

God made each one of us, flaws and all. It’s up to us to embrace the imperfections along with the perfection we enjoy.
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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
When I was a kid I never went to school--I said I was sick--but I always managed to get better by 3:30--I’d run into the kitchen--“Look, ma-a miracle happened! I’m well! A little angel came and sat on my bed--she touched me with a wand and said, “Go out and play.” end quote
-Bill Cosby,
"Joey Adams’ Encyclopedia of Humor"
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