Daily Inspiration: How a Sermon Almost Changed the Course of History

He just got back from church with his wife, and two daughters. Like many people, he has a home office and he stopped in on Sunday to do a little catch-up. But his work isn’t like just anyone’s. He’s Barack Obama and he’s President of the United States. 

It was last summer and the debt crisis was exploding. On that particular Sabbath, the White House was in full gear trying to find a debt plan that the Democrats and Republicans could both agree on. All the big shots were there. Speaker of the House John Boehner snuck in a side door for secret negotiations with the President. 

President Obama was in a good mood. He had the recent inspirational church sermon about Jacob fresh in his mind; he was in the mood to compromise. It worked. By the end of the day, both sides were confident they reached agreement. 

The Washington Post reports that after that special Sunday, the plans fell apart. The debt deal was dead and it initiated the worst partisan fighting we’ve seen in decades. It seems that even the country’s supreme leader has a short retention span when it comes to sermons.  

Inspiration needs to be more than a once-a-week thing. The average, and not so average among us, need to be inspired throughout each and every day.  Don’t limit yourself to waiting for inspiration from others. Self-inspiration is the most reliable source. 

Inspire yourself with prayer. Your soul is the place where inspiration lives and it’s calling out to you: “Hey there, come see me— bring prayer!” You’ll find a life of lasting (com)promise when you are inspired seven days a week. 

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