Daily Inspiration: Charmed

She’s utterly delightful. Jamie is pleasant to be around, persuasive in the best sense of the word, and if it were another era you would call her charming. That’s how she invented “Pretty Sweet for Feet.”

Jamie loves the look and feel of going without stockings, but her shoes always rubbed her the wrong way.  She wanted to come up with a new invention to take the pain out of barefoot casual. Jamie doesn’t have a degree in design. In fact she has no degree at all. School was always a struggle. She learned to get by on her charm.

Charm is why ten years after high school, she could call on the smartest and most successful geeks from her class and ask them to help her with her idea. Designer, marketing guru, attorney, and businesswoman, everyone was excited to work with Jamie. With zero budget, the Pretty Sweet for Feet team invented an amazing product, perfectly positioned to do for footwear, what Spanx did for seamless tummy control.

It’s a terry cloth insert that makes every shoe incomparably comfortable. Four years into the development of the product, there is growing buzz about her product in woman’s blogs, and fashion forums. Pretty Sweet has thousands of Twitter followers and there’s a waiting list for the first batch.

The first product hits the market and it’s a smashing success. They are as good as the hype. More orders pile up. Second batch comes back from the supplier, perfect in every way. Orders are filled but they can’t catch up with demand. Third batch is ready to send to customers. Oops.

There’s something not quite right with the adhesive.  Weeks turn into months and they still can’t figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. Jamie wants to know, “Where’s the blessing in disguise?

Years of hard work, every dime of savings gone, and she has massive credit card debt.  Jamie was ready for her big break through. Instead her business reputation is teetering toward “disappointment.” She is barely eeking by on her charm.

Finally there is the Eureka! moment. The designer figured out the disconnect between the factory and the final product. Pretty Sweet for Feet was back in business. Jamie’s faith was restored: There is always a blessing in disguise.

This blessing turned out to be knowledge. In the period of time it took to fix the problem, Jamie had a crash course in the manufacturing process. She gained knowledge that would prove to be invaluable as her business grows. Her charming personality smoothed over the rough edges with her anxious customers. She moves forward knowing she is blessed. Not just with charm and good fortune, she is blessed with the grace of a loving and generous God. 


Prayer for Disappointment

Loving God,
Open my eyes to the blessings I know
hide in trials and disappointment.
I do not ask you to fix my problems
only to be with me as I endure them.

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Today's Spiritual Quote
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