Daily Prayable: Shutting Up is the New Speaking Up - Thursday, January 27, 2011

BY: pradm2n

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Daily Prayable

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Unbelievable. Unattainable.
My quick, loud words and selfish fear
make perfection seem as possible
as pigs in flight.
Yet You are perfect,
and in You, I feel what might be
if only I could get closer.
I will spend my life working for this.
I see myself rocketing skyward,
falling up like a freak of gravity.
I may not ever be perfect,
but my faith in You
brings me closer every day.

-  Lori Strawn

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The Prayables Community

From Our Social Media:

: Karen Burch said, "Laughter is the universal language of our universe. Laughter needs no translation. When I am happy and I laugh, I communicate clearly God's gift of joy given freely to me. When I'm troubled, your laugh paints the sky with the brilliant rain...bow that follows a storm. When we laugh together, we whisper silent secrets of wisdom to one another. Laughter gives birth to bliss. The sound of laughter is one soul speaking volumes to another soul, without uttering a word. Laughter invites the hopeful, developing a loyal following. Laughter increases our community of mirth, a happy heaven we can live in on Earth."

On Blog :
Mama P said, "In many ways I needed to read these words today, I have been a little on the grumpy side for the better part of a week now. You are totally right, even though one thing has gone wrong, we should be grateful for the positive, focus on the positive not the negative :)

On a funnier note, (after the fact anyhow) I am one that slams things in the kitchen at times, hoping I'll get my husbands attention. A few days ago I walked into the kitchen, upset and slammed a jar of baby food on the container, not really thinking about it, the food went airborne from inside and landed all over the counter/wall. It was a mess, but it made me laugh, ya know after I was finished scrubbing my wall."

: Nancy Graham said, "thanks prayables i read you daily"

: Madeline Delcid said, "God is Alway's there, and it's my thing to Pray all the time, God Bless All"

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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
The angels have the affection and desire to be wise. All their thoughts and affections flow in accordance with divine wisdom. Nothing withdraws them from the divine influx, and nothing external intrudes from other thoughts, as with man. end quote
-Emanuel Swedenborg
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