Daily Prayable: Pray in Many Ways - Tuesday, December 21, 2010

BY: pradm2n

Daily Prayable


I pray when I am fearful.
I pray when I am in need.
I sing praise to You.
I lift up my hands, my heart, my soul.

Please take me beyond myself
and help me recognize the prayers of others,
from eyes raised skyward
to heads humbly bowed,
from whispers in quiet corners
to voices spiraling upward in song.

Our words may not be the same,
but our concerns and worries
and joys are so very alike,
expressed in songs, requests,
and silent cries to You.

-  Sue Bradford Edwards


I was having lunch with a new business friend Amy, when she told me about Stiletto Stoners. It seems that there's been media attention about high-income professional women who get high...a lot. Amy's take is: women who are under stress are smoking more pot, drinking more and having more sex. I'm not so sure this is a new phenomenon; I think at least the first two have been around for years. But are exhausted women having more sex to relieve the anxiety of busy schedules? I don't buy it. After a twelve hour day wrestling with colleagues and clients, is the female business executive all that anxious to wrestle with an energetic lover?

Yael Kohen wrote the article Stiletto Stoners for Marie Claire magazine. It's a great piece with first-hand accounts from two potheads; one a working mommy and the other a successful corporate attorney


- Chief of Pray, Susan Diamond


It's been said that you can never be too rich or too thin.  But the latest winner of America's Top Model might just prove that cliche wrong.
At 6 feet, 2 inches, Ann Ward is nineteen years old and weighs 120 pounds.  It's frightening to see this model with an obvious body image disorder held up as a role model.
Maybe every woman has issues with weight and worth. We're also supposed to be eternally youthful.

We dye our hair, spend a fortune on anti-aging creams, even paralyze our foreheads with Botox.  But what is the crime in looking your age, and having a curve or two?

- Prayables Team Blogger, Ruth Williams

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