Daily Prayable: How to Help Your Friend, Help Herself - Sunday, January 30, 2011

BY: pradm2n

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Daily Prayable

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Someone I love is buried
beneath fear and paralysis.
She has forgotten
how gloriously You made her.
And I seem to have forgotten
that Your love for her
far exceeds my limited vision.

Forgive me for the many years
I've rushed in to do Your job.

My trust in You has been

wavering and impatient.

Please help me
be strong enough to be with her
without feeling responsible for her life.
May my faith in You
be sufficient enough
to stop this train.

-  Erika Harris

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Small Hr

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On Prayer : Niki Ottosen said, "lol: Very Cute! lol"

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Carol Sherwood said, "Your website is a daily inspiritation thank you."

On Prayer :
Linda Campbell said, "I know how someone feels when they lose a child. We lost our daughter last year & it has been hard. But, we do know-our Lord is our strength to go on."

Maryse F Kocher said, "sigh: I feel your pain, but my answer to you is YES you WILL meet again in Heaven forever."
Karen O. Gwinner said, "Yes, beyond all doubt, you WILL meet your daughter again. I have been through the same heartache with two of my sons when they were babies. They will be there to help us cross over when our time comes. You need to get your strength from God in order to live with this devastating loss."

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Today's Spiritual Quote
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