Daily Prayable: Find Inspiration Through God - Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BY: pradm2n

Daily Prayable


As I sit musing, I wonder,
where does inspiration comes from?
Everything distracts me
as I work at my desk:
the indigo flame of sunset
out my window,
a sweet furball of a dog with the bark
of Darth Vader asking for a belly rub,
the joyboy padding down the hall,
sleep in his starsize eyes,
Bach's Air on G,
wafting through my home.

My mind wanders to the fresh crusty bread
waiting in the kitchen.
The crock pot filled with noodles, chicken, carrots.
Nothing to inspire me on the page today!
Too much good to wade through in my life.
Glory be.

Thank You for my muses and the music of my life.
Please continue to rain blessings
on me and all who enter my home.

-  Ruth Williams


I hope I didn't blow it. I was a guest this weekend, on a radio show with a Muslim audience. I prepared for the show by selecting a prayer reading that talked about women of diversity gathering together. What I wanted the audience to know was how wonderful and how unique it is, to pray in a community with women from different faiths. I'm just not so sure that's what the audience wanted to hear.

I'm a newbie to press releases and interviews. Although there's bazillions of news and feature producers looking for good material to write about and broadcast, it's not easy to get hooked up and have your story told. The Healing Hour gig was my second radio interview and the first time there has been interest about Prayables from people of the Islamic faith.

- Chief of Pray, Susan Diamond 


Stupid. Ugly. Fat. Words like these, directed at myself, are practically a constant in my life. And those are the nicer ones.

I don't even mean the worse ones -- some are outright lies -- but I repeat them anyway, over and over, like a mantra of doom.

It took me forever to realize what my problem really was. I was being too easy on myself.

Fat, ugly, stupid...that's easy? Yes, terribly so. Addictively so, in my case
- Prayables Team Blogger, Lori Strawn 

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