Presidential Candidates on Religion

An ongoing record of the Democratic presidential hopefuls' comments on religion and spirituality

All the Democratic candidates brought religion and their own faith journeys into their campaign speeches, interviews, and platforms to some extent during this campaign season. Here is a look at what the Democratic candidates have said about God, faith, prayer, the separation of church and state, their religious upbringing, and more.

Wesley Clark
General Wesley Clark was the son of a Jewish father and a Methodist mother. He was raised Baptist, but converted to Catholicism when he married. He now attends a Presbyterian church, but still considers himself Catholic.

On His Childhood Church


"[Church life] was of tremendous comfort. I always said my prayers at night. My mother taught actually me to say prayers at night but most of it came from the church."


Interview with Beliefnet, November 2003

On Feeling Close to God

"...when I was wounded and recovering in Japan. I went to church there and I remember on the air base where their hospital was, I remember coming out of that church and feeling like I had been - at that point I just felt very, very close to God and that I'd done the right thing with my life. And I knew I wasn't going back to Vietnam. I just knew I wasn't going back."

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