Evangelical Views of Islam

EPPC-Beliefnet poll: 81% of evangelical Christian leaders say it is 'very important' to evangelize Muslims in other countries.

Sponsored by the Ethics & Public Policy Center, a non-partisan think tank, and Beliefnet, the survey was based on a national sample of leaders of Evangelical organizations, ranging from churches and missionary associations to relief agencies and political groups. It was conducted in the fall of 2002 under the direction of Prof. John Green of the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron, and was supported with a grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts. The results were released April 7, 2003.

Overall View of Islam

Favorable Neutral Unfavorable
13% 10 77

How Should the Evangelical Community Interact with Muslims?

Very Important Some Importance Not Important
Insist on Truth of the Gospel 89% 9 3
Evangelize U.S. Muslims 83% 14 3
Evangelize Muslims abroad 81% 16 3
Protect the rights of Muslims 79% 20 1
Dialogue with Muslims 54% 41 5
Welcome Muslims into the American community 52% 41 7

Views of Samaritan's Purse*

Favorable Neutral Unfavorable
89% 9 2

Views of Islamic Beliefs and Practice

Agree Neutral Disagree
Islam opposes religious freedom 76% 14 10
Islam opposes pluralism/democracy 72% 22 6
Sharia violates human rights 72% 21 7
Islam is a religion of violence 70% 9 20
Islam dedicated to world domination 66% 22 12
Terrorists have "hijacked" Islam 62% 11 27
Islam preaches justice and moral values 52% 16 32
American Muslims committed to Democratic values 30% 47 23
Muslims/Christian pray to same God 17% 4 79
Islam is a religion of peace 10% 19 71
All of the world's great religions are equally true and good
2% 11 89

Views on Related Foreign Policy Issues

Agree Neutral Disagree
U.S. should take all necessary steps to win the "war on terrorism" 73% 14 13
The war against terrorism is basically a war between the West and Islam 45% 10 45
Stopping religious persecution a top priority of American foreign policy 73% 14 13
U.S. should use military force against Saddam Hussein in Iraq** 59% 22 19
U.S. should back Israel over the Palestinians in the Middle East 60% 9 31
U.S. should support a free and independent Palestinian state 52% 16 31
U.S. policies are partly responsible for the attacks of September 11 33% 10 57
U.S. should accept jurisdiction of new world court 18% 15 67
There will be no peace with Islamic nations until poverty is eliminated 9% 20 71
Immigrants harm society by bringing in strange customs and beliefs 8% 7 85
The American attack on Afghanistan was unjust and immoral 7% 5 89
U.S. should mind its own business internationally and let other countries get along the best they can on their own 4% 6 91

*Samaritan's Purse is the Christian humanitarian aid organization run by Franklin Graham.
**Survey taken before war in Iraq began.
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