Diane Sawyer on The Inspiring Story of Jaycee Dugard

ABC World News journalist Diane Sawyer talks about her interview with abduction survivor Jaycee Dugard.

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Q.  You got a chance to speak with Jaycee's mother as well. I can’t even imagine the perspective she’s coming from.

A. These are two miraculous stories of holding on to hope against all odds over 18 years. The story they tell when they first hear each others' voices on the phone and the joy, the exuberance... there's a conviction that they’re not going to let anyone take the rest of their time away. They’re not going let him take the rest of the time. I think her mother would be the first to tell you that she has enough anger and rage for both of them. Jaycee, because she loves her family and because she is treasuring every new found moment, says that’s not who she is going to be in her heart.

Q. You’ve interviewed so many celebrities, world leaders, and people of great influence. What personally inspired you about Jaycee’s story?

A. I think we can imagine that some immensely wise and experienced adults would be able to give us light to shine over this dark experience... You don’t expect a girl who’s in the fifth grade to be able to do it. When it happened, you don’t expect a young woman to have found little ways to educate herself, stay curious about what it must be like outside, to come through it walking up to you with a giant smile and a hug. You see her and you come alive. I have to tell you when I walked in that first time and saw her, I couldn’t believe it.

Q. In addition to speaking with you, Jaycee also wrote a memoir called A Stolen Life

A. The book is detailed at a level that I think will surprise a lot of people. I loved the phrase she said, which is, "It’s about him, not me. I’ll just stare it down, on behalf of everyone out there who’s going through this. They don’t get us to keep their secrets."

To watch the interview with Jaycee Dugard, go to ABC News.

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