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Fore! Golfer headed to the priesthood

Date: 11/06/2010

Check out this great vocation story , from Alaska: It's easy to imagine a six-foot, tanned, 32-year-old Peter Hannah on the golf greens of Monterey, California, in textbook form, languidly driving balls 300 yards. But instead of an Izod shirt and khaki pants, he's wearing the long, white habit of a medieval Dominican friar -- and he's heading into winter in Alaska. He arrived in Augu ...

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The Power of Belief Continued

Date: 10/25/2010

There are many examples of how belief systems affect people, their thoughts, feeling, actions and realities.   There have been studies in sleep, health, sports, relationship, business, etc. that all show how strong positive or negative beliefs affect people and their results.   Make sure that your beliefs support you and your well being for optimal health, wealth and perfect self-e ...

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"Cigar Guy"- He Ain't What he Seems

Date: 10/06/2010

A Daily Mail photographer snapped this amazing picture at the Ryder Cup of Tiger Woods blowing a golf shot. The ball is headed directly at the camera and in fact, actually hit the lens, but not before the unflappable journalist caught the image midflight. But Tiger's shot is not the "shot" that's captivating the Web universe. It's the freakish look of a fan s ...

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Stephen Hawking: No Need for God in Physics

Date: 09/02/2010

It is rare when someone from the field of science--especially the kind of science that is almost impossible to understand--becomes a pop culture icon. But Stephen Hawking has long been known far outside the academic community as the Tiger Woods of science, meaning there are many who are fans of his but don't much know what he stands for. Until now, that is. His latest book, "The Grand Design," ta ...

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Forget "Heat;" How 'Bout "Love" Index?

Date: 08/31/2010

This post brings with it a bit of pop culture social commentary and I'm curious as to your opinion of the following: USA Today and usatoday.com should launch the Celebrity Love Index. What? Well, for quite a while now, USA Today and usatoday.com have run something called the " Celebrity Heat Index ," which, it claims, tracks "the movers and shakers in pop culture." This week, the #1 "mover and ...

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Offlining -- Right Idea, but What About the Message?

Date: 08/30/2010

I love the idea of "offlining," asking families to take a pledge of device-free time to focus on real-life communication. More than 10,000 people have signed their pledge to have at least 10 device-free dinners between now and Thanksgiving . I like the statement of the guys behind it about where it came from (even if they make the unforgivable mistake of writing "it's" when it should be "its" - ...

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Status Symbols and the Black American Express

Date: 09/01/2010

As a seventeen-year-old student at Rabbinical college, a riddle was put to me. A beggar is invited to a billionaire's home for dinner. The homeless man has never had such scrumptious food. He throws his entire being into slopping down his soup and devouring his chicken. Meanwhile, the rich man puts a napkin on his lap, sticks out a pinky, and eats with meticulous etiquette. The question, which o ...

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