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    The Legacy of Oral Roberts

    From prosperity gospel to Pentecostalism, Oral Roberts helped influence a generation of Christians. What will his long-term legacy be?

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    My Experience at Oral Roberts University

    In "My Faith So Far," Patton Dodd recounts his experiences in the Pentecostal Christian culture and shares a life-changing experience at Oral Roberts University that shook his faith.

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    Who's Who in Pentecostalism

    From John Ashcroft to Oral Roberts, a list of prominent Pentecostal Christian preachers, teachers, and healers.

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It Isn’t Advent, But It’s a Great Pre-Christmas Tradition

Date: 12/06/2008

For the past few days I've been weighing in on Advent, explaining it and recommending it for those who are seeking a closer relationship with God and a deeper experience of Christmas. Today I want to change gears and recommend another pre-Christmas tradition. This one isn't especially Christian, and it certainly doesn't have anything to do with Advent. But it's one of my cherished traditions, one ...

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Barry, Do You Want a Statue of Tyranny?

Date: 11/14/2008

It was an hour of spirited, lively debate before the Supreme Court.   And, now that oral arguments have concluded and the case is in the hands of the Justices, I am hopeful that the Supreme Court will determine that the appeals court got it wrong and uphold the authority of Pleasant Grove City, Utah to determine what's included in its park.   In presenting oral arguments on ...

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Date: 08/25/2008

Jay, I am looking for change in the Supreme Court.  At least, I am looking for change away from the ideological beliefs of members like Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito.  These men seem to think their function is to be cheerleaders for Presidential policies which have been challenged and are now before the Court. Just watch them during oral arguments, trying to salvage the arguments of th ...

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Scot McKnight on The Three Bears

Date: 02/19/2008

I was browsing around one of my favorite websites, Scot McKnight's Jesus Creed , when, lo and behold, I found a post on "Three Bears of Reliability" of the Gospels. I was delighted to find that my book Can We Trust the Gospels? is one of the three bears. Scot, as you may know, is a recognized biblical scholar, prolific author, and top-notch blogger. He is also the Karl A. Olsson Professor i ...

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