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Anti-Muslim Hate Rallies Misguided and Hurt Us All

Date: 10/09/2015

In the Name of God: The Extremely and Eternally Loving and Caring Today and tomorrow, some of my fellow Americans - possibly armed - plan to hold a "Global Rally for Humanity" at dozens of mosques and other Islamic institutions across the country. Their slogan is "The World is saying No to Islam." I find this curious because 20% of the world has actually said "Yes" to Islam by choosing to be Mu ...

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Hole in the wall of separation: churches get raided endlessly by the NSA

Date: 09/26/2015

The illegal confiscation of all our email and phone call data by the US National Security Agency (NSA) isn't just unconstitutional within the United States, but is a direct threat to the ability of religious traditions to continue. It is a type of desecration and a direct state invasion when used against churches, and so religious believers of all faiths should be opposing it fiercely. I am ...

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Going back to the Christian Crusades is a farce

Date: 10/02/2015

Politicians who try to portray the world in terms of an epic struggle between Western "modernity" and Islamic "medievalism" will achieve nothing but send us back to the Christian Crusades. Defenders of Europe as a Christian continent are incredibly naive about their own history. And this is why, to quote a great sociologist, history always repeats itself. First as tragedy, second as farce. ...

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Interview: Adam LaVorgna of "Masterless"

Date: 10/02/2015

Adam LaVorgna became an actor very young and was in the cast of the television series "Brooklyn Bridge" and "7th Heaven" before he was out of his teens. He loved the cast but he felt lost. He tried to use drugs to feel better and tried rehab more than once. "And I always thought about God," he said. "If He were to look at me, would He be proud? And I decided to go back to church.” LaVorgna, a Cat ...

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Religions: How to Love Them All and Be IN LOVE with Yours

Date: 09/26/2015

The Parliament of World Religions I'll be attending and presenting at the upcoming Parliament of World Religions meeting this year in Salt Lake City, October 15 - 18, 2015. [caption id="attachment_1653" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The Parliament of Religions - Salt Lake City[/caption] And, I thought about something Mother Teresa purportedly said some years ago: "I love all religi ...

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The Times are A Changing

Date: 09/23/2015

Almost 48 years ago a young African American boy won a contest. He was an altar boy for his parish church that was part of a network of American military Catholic Churches. His father was stationed in England and brought his family with him. The contest revolved around the Pope's visit to England in 1967. The altar boys at these churches would have their performances rated on a point system. T ...

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SiriusXM's Catholic Channel offering 24/7 coverage on Pope Francis in America

Date: 09/21/2015

Here’s today’s dispatch from the crossroads of faith, media and culture. Pope Francis, Radio Star. The above video shows Catholic Channel hosts Lino Rulli ( The Catholic Guy ) and Fr. Dave Dwyer ( The Busted Halo Show ) enthusiastically reporting on the 2013 announcement of the selection of Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio (nka Pope Francis ...

Related Topics: Entertainment, 1 Thessalonians 5:11, Donald Trump, Lino Rulli (The Catholic Guy), Fr. Dave Dwyer (The Busted Halo Show), Pope Francis In America . Siriusxm's Catholic Channel

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