The Proposed Mosque Near Ground Zero

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Biggest Religion Story of 2010? Koran Burning Pastor, Terry Jones

Date: 12/30/2010

The Religion Newswriters Association lists the top 10 relgion stories of 2011, and I was disappointed, but not surprised when Pastor Terry Jones did not appear on the list. Jones is the Florida-based minister who planned a public Koran burning gets my vote for the most influential American religious figure of 2010. Why was I disappointed? Because he showed us the limits of our fear and rage, ...

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Government dollars to build Park 51?

Date: 11/24/2010

Developers of the so-called " Ground Zero Mosque ", also known as "Park 51", are seeking federal funds designated for the redevelopment of lower Manhattan. And like most issues in the ongoing controversy around this project, the loudest voices on both sides are getting it wrong. Such funding would not necessarily be either a "disgrace" or "an affront to the memory of those murdered on 9/11", as ...

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Okla. Muslims Unsure of Status after Shariah Referendum

Date: 11/04/2010

By Omar Sacirbey c. 2010 Religion News Service (RNS) Born and raised in Oklahoma, Sarah Albahadily will wear her headscarf to a Brad Paisley concert and her cowboy boots to mosque. There are two things she says she never misses: Friday prayers or a University of Oklahoma football games. But after seven in 10 Oklahoma voters on Tuesday (Nov. 2) approved State Question 755, a constitutional a ...

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