New accusations connect Rick Warren with Chrislam

After an Orange County Register article describes Saddleback Community Church's outreaches to the Islamic community, pastor taken to task on conservative websites

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“Worse yet, in seeking this universalist creed, Warren is agreeing not to evangelize Muslims in favor of the following: making friends; building peace;  working on shared social service projects.

“Those are all high ideals,” writes Farah, “but the ultimate expression of love, according to the God of the Bible, is to introduce non-believers to Him and the pathway to salvation through repentance. Though Warren steadfastly denies it, what his Saddleback Church is doing is very close to efforts to blend Christianity and Islam into a universalist creed called ‘Chrislam.’”

Farah admits that Warren adamantly denies such a charge:  “In response to that accusation, Warren wrote: ‘My life and ministry are built on the truth that Jesus is the only way, and our inerrant Bible is our only true authority.’”

Actually, Warren has gone much further than that short statement in denying any intention of merging Christianity with Islam. He has calling such accusations ‘nonsense,’” writes Jennifer Leclaire for CharismaNews. She reports that recently he “directly responded to one of his Twitter followers. The question was: ‘Old guy on TV claims u support chrislam. True?’


“That ‘old guy,’” explains Leclaire, “was likely Jack Van Impe, the popular end-times television host” who pulled his show off of the Trinity Broadcasting Network after naming several well-known ministers who are alleged to be backing Chrislam.

Jack Van Impe

Warren has responded on several occasions, pointing to Proverbs 14:15, which states “Only a fool believes all that he hears,” then writing on his website for pastors:

“The so-called ‘Chrislam’ rumor is 100 percent false. If the guy who started this libelous myth, or anyone else who passed it on, had obeyed our Lord’s command (Matt. 18:18-20) to come directly to me, and then asked what I actually believed – they would have been embarrassed to learn that I believe the exact opposite. As a fourth generation Christian pastor, my life and ministry is built on the truth that Jesus is the only way, and our inerrant Bible is our only true authority."

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Rob Kerby
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