Challenges to faith, tradition rock British

Why would officials back a ban on wearing cross necklaces? On kids having best friends? What's going on in the United Kingdom?

Is political correctness running amuck in Great Britain?

Officials have decided to forbid British schoolchildren from having best friends. The government says it will back a ban on employees wearing crucifixes or any other Christian symbol. A court says UK churches will be forced to marry homosexual couples regardless of church law.

British schools are banning kids from having best friends


And London mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone has vowed to make the city a “beacon of Islam.”

Has jolly ol’ England gone nuts?

Another British judge has ruled that a Christian who was demoted at work for posting private comments on his personal Facebook page defending Christian morality cannot defend himself claiming freedom of religion or protection under human rights laws.

And a large Russian company has announced that because of British “persecution of Christians,” it is cancelling all orders for British products – and will stop doing business with the United Kingdom.

Vasily Boiko-Veliky, CEO of Russkoye Moloko

Russkoye Moloko, a 6,000-employee, Moscow-based dairy conglomerate issued a statement to the press announcing it would no longer buy British goods for its factories and dairies and would refuse to use British Airways or any other British airline “in connection with the persecution of Christians in Great Britain,” reports Tom Parfitt in the Daily Telegraph newspaper. 

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Rob Kerby, Senior Editor
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