Are U.S. colleges hostile to Christian students?

So, how tough is it on college campuses these days for Christian students? Pretty grim, as evidenced by lawsuits colleges keep losing -- in which they are charged with blatant religious discrimination.

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At this point, the crowd applauded the idea that they should live according to their faith. Annoyed, McCarty corrected them for suchwrong thinking:

Vanderbilt University's Richard C. McCarty, right

“No they shouldn’t! No they shouldn’t!” he responded. “No they shouldn’t! No they shouldn’t!”


The video shows vocal disagreement from crowd.

“Well,” continues McCarty, “I know you do, but I’m telling you that as a Catholic I am very comfortable using my best judgment as a person to make decisions. As a Catholic, if I held that life begins at conception, I’d have a very big problem with our hospital. Right? Would I not? . . . I would, but I don’t. . . . We don’t want to have personal religious views intrude on good decision-making on this campus. They can guide your personal conduct, but I’m not going to let my faith life intrude. I’ll do the best I can at making good decisions, but I’m not going to impose my beliefs on others, not going to do it.”

“Yes,” reports Shibley, “you just heard the vice chancellor of Vanderbilt University tell students that they shouldn’t let their religious views intrude on their decision-making. That their religious beliefs should not guide their day-to-day actions. That people who reject faith in Jesus Christ should be given a chance as leaders of a Christian group.”

That’s what Christian kids are encountering today.

Just as Justice Alito feared.

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Rob Kerby
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