On our knees: the only way to approach this election

A diverse group of Christian leaders proclaims that America's problems will not be resolved by the White House, Congress or the Supreme Court. They say there is another way ...

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Prayer and Bible reading at the nation’s Capitol

“This requires an educated electorate who will examine the issues and the candidates and vote in a way that is best for the nation, not just their own well-being. Much prayer is needed for this critical process. Pray today for voters in the United States, that: ‘Wisdom will be sought from God; (James 1:5); Self-interest will be laid aside for the common good; and that discernment between truth and falsehood will be clear.”

Third, the PrayerConnect guide calls for prayer for the candidates: “In the early years of our nation, it was thought to be in bad taste to even be seen wanting an office, much less actually campaigning. Oh, how things have changed! Now candidates for public office, especially at higher levels, put themselves and their families through a rigorous process that brings every aspect of their lives into public view. It has become so intense that many good individuals have chosen not to endure the sort of public scrutiny that is an integral part of the campaigning process today.

Praying inside the Connecticut state capitol


“Praying for candidates does not mean praying just for those you agree with or support. All are leaders and potential leaders in our nation – and as such, all need our prayers.

“Pray,” suggests PrayerConnect, “for candidates for office in the United States, that: They will take brave stands for righteousness, even when it may not be well received; their families will be protected from harm and unnecessary scrutiny;  they will surround themselves with godly advisors; and that they will focus on the issues we face as a nation and not on personal attacks on other candidates.”

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Rob Kerby, Senior Editor
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