December Dilemma Watch

Politically, theologically, and even humorously, the December holidays can spark controversy for families and communities.

Why One Rabbi Loves Christmas

Rabbi Marc Gelman, famous for his part in TV's "The God Squad," wrote a piece in

this week's Newsweek

that can serve as a reminder to all of the true meaning of Christmas. That's right, the rabbi gets the last word on Christmas! As this year's December Dilemma Watch draws to a close, Gelman's words are a reminder of our innate ability to rise above the squabbles, the protests, the boycotts, and the lawsuits--and focus on the lovely and varied spiritual aspects of this time of year. In his words:


"I love miracles. I have seen a few and heard of many. None of the miracles I have ever seen involve splitting a sea or feeding a great multitude from a challah bread and some herring. The miracles I mostly see involve the transformation of old enemies into reconciled friends, the transformation of sick marriages into loving ones, the spontaneous remission of diseases, the return of a smile to a face creased with the frowns of grief, the breakthroughs in learning by a child who was deeply challenged the return to mobility of the disabled, the understanding of a new way for prayer or mediation that brought hoped-for serenity to a storm-tossed soul, the commitment to a life of health after a life of tragic self abuse, the way lost people are suddenly found and mostly the way people without hope discover that religion saves them from hell.

All these miracles and more gain new light and luster in this season of miracles. I love that Christmas is a holiday for the celebration of miracles. That is what I love most."

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Compiled by Holly Lebowitz Rossi
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