Diary of a Human Shield

American and Canadian peace activists report from Baghdad

Christian Peacemaker Teams, a program of Brethren, Quaker and Mennonite Churches, has posted volunteers in Iraq since Oct 25, 2002. More recently, additional delegations have gone to Iraq to educate the public and "get in the way" of potential military attacks. This is a diary by American and Canadian volunteers who are now in Iraq.

Click for a map of where the human shields are situated in Baghdad


Wednesday, April 2, 2003, 5:30 p.m.

This entry was written by CPT member Scott Kerr in Amman, Jordan.

The team decided to leave Baghdad for a number of factors, including the fact that food was becoming increasingly scarce. Ninety-five percent of street activity has ceased, especially since the allies have begun bombing in the day as well as in the evening.


Scott Kerr
Scott Kerr at
a bombed home

For the most part, the bombing's degree of accuracy is incredible. But what people don't realize is that each bombing blows out all the glass fromthe windows for two or three blocks around the bomb site. That's what'scausing most of the injuries. We had pictures shaking in our room and feltgusts of air when bombs fell blocks away. These gusts can blow out birthdaycandles even when the bomb falls several miles away.

I wondered whether civilian bombings were intentional--including the bombing of a school we visited. In baseball, we call it 'chin music' when a pitcher throws a baseball at a batter's chin to shake him up. Maybe the bombings in thecivilian areas are meant to show that no one's safe.

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