What is Your Relationship With Money Trying to Teach You?

Beliefnet contributor Christina Argo examines the relationship between money and the rest of our lives.

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Many people who explored using The Universal Law of Attraction failed to realize that the law only works if you clear the energy and information that keeps you feeling as though you don’t deserve what you have. As soon as they stopped applying the law, their life unraveled. It unraveled because they did not learn the life lessons that were wrapped up in their lack of money, so their lack returned.

If money is an issue for you, consider these four things:

• What is your attitude toward money? Does money hold an inordinate amount of importance? Does the lack of it make you feel less?
• Do you live with a sense of restriction, lack or limit? Being miserly is the opposite energy of spending foolishly and both are connected to the fear of not having enough.
• Do you believe that more money would solve all your worries or let you live the life you want? Unless you learn to love yourself and validate yourself, your problems will follow you.
• Do you look at other people and feel angry, resentful or jealous about what they have? A closed heart cannot embrace more.

Our attitude toward money affects both what we can have and consequently the debt we carry. Much of our debt arises because we feel that we should be able to have what we want and if we can’t actually afford it, we put it on a credit card or take out a loan so that we can have it now. The problem is, if you don’t have the actual self-worth to have what you’ve put on the credit card or taken a loan for, you’ll find yourself struggling to pay that charge off, especially if you continue to use money that you don’t actually have to satisfy an otherwise lack of self-worth.Our parents called this ‘living within your means’ but as we become more and more conscious and the energy on the planet shifts, it’s more than living within our means, it’s understanding our own life lessons that are wrapped up in a lack of money.


Take this next month and employ these six steps:

• Take your focus off of money – release your money worries to your higher-power (Whether that is GOD or your Spirit or some other source). Package up every thought, every worry and hand it over.
• When you feel jealous, envious or angry about someone else having more than you; imagine a clear bubble out in front of you and let that energy go – move it out of your space.
• Anytime you are going to charge or even buy something check-in with yourself and see if you can actually have what you are getting ready to buy. If you can’t have it, don’t buy it.
• Additionally when you are about to purchase something stop and ask yourself if you really need it, or is it just the need to have something. If you don’t really need it, let it go.
• Love the life you have. You can work to create something more, but create more by building on what you have, not by hating what you have and resenting what you don’t have. You did create it after all.
• When you do decide to splurge, do it and own it. If you can’t and you’re going to feel guilty or vbad afterward, don’t splurge.

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Christina Argo
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