Why I Love Being Married

Beliefnet members share their stories of spiritual connection, love, and marriage.

When Beliefnet member Sbeatty started a discussion board asking others to share "the good things marriage can offer," a lively and inspiring conversation began, attracting newlyweds and "old marrieds" alike. What follows is a selection of comments from that discussion. Click here to contribute your own story or thought.

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I appreciate waking up and having someone call me beautiful.

I appreciate that I have a partner that I can lean on when I am hurting or scared.

I appreciate that I have someone to tell my most intimate secrets to without judgment.

I appreciate the little jokes throughout the day that brighten my mood.

I appreciate having someone to share the challenges life can bring raising children.

I appreciate the father he is to my children.

I appreciate that he always makes sure we have everything we need and a little more.

I appreciate that he is still by my side loving me even though I tried to destroy that love because I thought I was not worthy.

I appreciate the strength and comfort he brings me.

I appreciate he chose me to share his life with.

I appreciate that I have been given the chance to recognize what I really have instead of concentrating on what I didn't have.



The more I think about why I love him, the more satisfied I feel in my relationship. I think it's because when I'm feeling grateful, I treat him with love and compassion, which makes him feel better about himself and leads him to treat me with love and compassion. In the end, we both win!

Being happy within ourselves is nice, but sharing that happiness is wonderful. I think that is one of the perks about marriage--being able to share yourself the good and the bad with someone.

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