Life in a Polygamous Marriage

Meet the Wives: Valerie


Are there feelings of jealousy that the three of you feel, and how exactly do you handle that?

Valerie: Yes, we’re human beings. We definitely understand the feeling of jealousy and all the emotions that go along with that. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes we have misunderstandings, but always we come together and we work it out. We talk about it and build that trust with one another.

Do you talk about it specifically with Joe or do you also discuss it with the other wives?

Valerie: Whoever is involved; sometimes it does involve him and sometimes it doesn’t.

Do you all plan to have more children?

Valerie: That’s a decision for each individual wife and Joe to make. Right now we’re all settled with what we have, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a time when another one might come along.

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