How To Love An Emotionally Healthy Man

Examine yourself so you can find a healthy relationship.

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Stuck in the Past
Many people talk about finding the right one, but are very resistant to taking the steps necessary to meeting that person. You may say, “I would do anything to meet the right guy ... just tell me what to do!” The painless actions are the tangible ones: making yourself available, joining an online service, changing your routine and telling your friends to set you up.

That’s the easy part
The real work is before dating. It is vital to examine your past relationship pattern as well as your thoughts and words about love, men and how you expect to be treated in a relationship. Therein lies the challenge: the greatest blessings and personal revelations are always hidden within the depths of your greatest fears.

Change is Possible
You’ve heard that what one focuses on, the mind will magnify. With time and nurturance, those thoughts will become reality. You may be astonished how often you speak the wrong thing over your love life as well as yourself.

Each time you find yourself speaking, saying or thinking things which do not line up with the dreams and desires of your heart, mentally stop yourself and simply speak the exact opposite. It sounds very elementary, but it is a powerful exercise you can incorporate to reverse what you expect out of relationships. 

When you take this step towards renewing your mind, you will be able to see  and be attracted to an emotionally healthy man. A new relationship pattern will be in place, allowing you to be treated with the love and respect you so greatly deserve.


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