How To Love An Emotionally Healthy Man

Examine yourself so you can find a healthy relationship.

Most people I work with as a relationship coach believe they have a particular “type” in love. They base relationship choices on a specific personality or physical look. They’re looking for chemistry and fear that anything outside this established model will be boring, incompatible and physically unappealing. One primary key to attracting love that will last is the willingness to look at what is not working in your relationships and opening your heart to change.

If the men you have chosen for love have not resulted in a fulfilling, lasting and loving relationship, ask yourself:

•Am I drawn to “bad boys” in love instead of reliable and stable men?
•Does the mystery of not knowing if he cares drive me to pursue this type of guy with even more determination?
•The less he communicates with me, the more I have to be with him.
•When a guy wants more from me emotionally, I lose interest.

If you can see yourself in those type of relationships, the barrier is the fear of revealing your authentic self. It is only through vulnerability in your interactions with others that you will be able to attract the right one for love. For many individuals, being an open book signals emotional caution as it is associated with heartbreak. If you’ve vowed not to allow anyone to have that power over your heart again, you’ve probably built a wall which keeps the very thing you desire away.


Do you have challenges being vulnerable to others? Go through the follow quiz and see how many statements are true in your significant relationships, especially in love.

How Vulnerable are You?
•I am generally on the offensive, attacking, blaming or correcting others.
•I always need to be the strong one, the person who has it all together.
•I’d rather please others than reveal my true emotions.
•I don’t want to rock the boat in relationships.
•I shut down and keep my true feelings to myself when tension arise.
•I believe I can’t let my guard down. 
•I’ll never let anyone hurt me again.
•Revealing my emotions is very risky.
•Talking about the past serves no purpose.
•I have no problems, and if I did, I’d never tell. 
•No one respects a weak person.

If you find your answers affirm a fear of vulnerability, the next step to relationship readiness is healing from the initial heartbreak. Hiding behind a facade only leads to attracting those who cannot fulfill your emotional needs.

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