From Big Mess to Love Nest

Feng Shui expert Nancy SantoPietro does a Valentine's Day bedroom makeover for a Beliefnet member.

Dear Nancy,


Our bedroom

depresses and disheartens me when I'm in it. I consider it the most embarrassing room of the house.

Our bed is a queen-sized, black, iron canopy bed with scroll designs at the top of the posts and a sunburst-type of pattern to the head and foot boards. The room is very large, allowing us to currently put the bed in the middle of the main room. There is a recessed area behind the bed that we currently use for dressing and storage.

Our bedroom is bare and boring, with no decoration on the walls, no color. Nothing.

While I didn't mark this on my floor plan, there are clothes and clutter piled everywhere (on dressers, wardrobes, the vanity, the floor, under the bed), because we have no closet space, and the means we have been using (dressers, wardrobe, and a wire closet system purchased at Home Depot) are inadequate.

The bedroom closet by the entry door is not even deep enough to hang a shirt on a hanger, put it on the bar, and close the door! There are shoes everywhere and tons of clothes hanging on the bars of the canopy bed. I would love my romantic relationship to improve to being fun, happy and contented, sensual and sexy, but I just can't bring those feelings to the surface when the room is in the state it's in. It's hard to be sexy when you're tripping over shoes and clothes just to get in bed!


I know my husband would appreciate a lift to the room as well. Neither of us spends much time in there, we go to bed, get up and leave it for another part of the house. There's no lazy Saturdays in bed watching TV, because the television set is buried in clutter! I don't know if I need a furniture "shuffle," a different plan of action on storage or what, but I could definitely use some help. I've always thought a bedroom should be calming and relaxing with a hint of sexiness to it, but I just can't seem to get it right.

Yours truly,

Dear BEDraggled,

Although this bed position technically follows proper bed protocol (faces the door but not in direct alignment with it), other factors in this bedroom's layout make it a haven for problematic "chi" to run amok.

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