Bullies in the Workplace

Bullies and Targets

How to Face Your Fears

So how often does workplace bullying occur? Recent numbers can be tricky to find, but the most recent survey from the Workplace Bullying Institute’s (WBI) reveals some interesting trends. The 2010 Workplace Bullying Survey found that 35 per cent of workers have experienced bullying first hand. That’s four times the number of people who have experienced sexual harassment or discrimination.

Unlike schoolyard stereotypes, the targets of bullies aren’t “loners” or “weaklings”. Instead, they’re integral and valued members of the team. They’re hard workers, well educated, well liked and successful.

They aren’t rookies either. According to the survey, half of all past and present targets of bullying are between the ages of 30 and 49. Workers between the ages of 50 and 64 are next in line, though the number of incidences could be higher than reported because many people who were targets may have already left the workforce and weren’t included in the poll.

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