13 Reasons to Stop Looking for Mr. Right

It's Time to Live Your Life!

Your life begins now!

You’ve tried the dating scene. Men are found in the workplace, in your apartment building, and right across the street, but they aren’t even close to what you’re looking for. It seems that finding the “right guy” is harder than you thought it would be. Frustrated yet?

Please don't misunderstand. Marriage can be a wonderful thing. Dating can be a wonderful thing. But keep in mind that being single can be a wonderful thing too. It’s just the idea of being content with where you are in life. Being happy with what you have at this present moment.

Sounds good, but it’s easier said than done. Check out 13 ways that you can enjoy this time of being single, focus on your life right now, and stop your quest to find Mr. Right.

Written by Jana Melpolder

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