7 Days to a Highly Effective Break Up

Here is a seven day plan to help make a break up not only less tricky, but also inspired.

BY: Laura Dave


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No Woe-Is-Me Wednesday

You may wish you hadn't had so much wine the night before, but you're getting out of bed anyway. First stop: the shower. (Easy enough.) Baths often get a spotlight for making troubles melt away, but most of the time they just make you cold.

A warm shower will leave you feeling ready to face the day -- and also will get you into the bathroom where you need to spend some time trying to look your best. Fix your hair, apply your favorite lip gloss. Whatever leaves you feeling pretty. Not because you're going to run into your Ex, but because you're probably not. And it's a good lesson to teach yourself that the most important person to look beautiful for is you.

Now, step two: go into the kitchen and grab your biggest garbage bag. Fill it with all things that remind you of your Ex. And quickly. (This is not time to linger.) Just grab old photographs, anniversary letters, the gorgeous scarf he gave you for Valentines Day.

Don't worry, you're not throwing anything away permanently, you're just putting the bag somewhere you won't have to see it until you are out of the muck. And, if you find yourself, thinking too much, just remember: This doesn't mean you can't ever wear the scarf ever again. It just means you aren't going to wear it while you are getting over him. . . Even if you think it's making you feel better, what will really make you feel better is a new scarf.

Go and get one.

Skip The Ice Cream Thursday

If I promised you there was something you could do that would make you feel more in control and at least 75% better, wouldn't you want to do it?

Here's the thing: exercise will do just that. You know this, secretly. Every time you move, endorphins jump right to the front of your brain. And you deserve some of those guys jumping around there about now.

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