10 Signs that Your Marriage is in Trouble

Are You Struggling to Be a Good Parent?

Unfortunately when a couple disagrees with one another constantly, the children feel the stress of their parents’ differences and suffer as a result. This is true even if the disagreements are not loud or angry, but involve alienation and disrespect. Parents in these situations may become polarized: as one becomes stricter the other becomes more lenient. They can become competitive for their children’s affection. One parent can become over-dependent on the children to try to make up for the affection and companionship they aren’t getting from their mate. A parent may become overly controlling or inconsistent in dealing with the children. Sometimes in a faltering marriage one parent becomes overly involved in their work or career and more or less drops out of the family. Being a great provider is not the same as being a great parent or a great mate.

Tip: Just because you don’t argue in front of your children, don’t assume they don’t feel the effects of the tension and alienation between you. Children sense everything that goes on in their household.

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