10 Signs that Your Marriage is in Trouble

How Unhappy Are You?

A lot of people feel very guilty when they feel dissatisfied with their marriage. They blame themselves for their unhappiness and wonder if they suffer from unrealistic expectations. You need to recognize the real signs that a marriage is genuinely unhappy and not just going through a rough patch. A few examples of the many indications of trouble are:

Major disagreements between the two of you rarely get resolved, so you keep going around and around on the same issues.

-You each have lost compassion or understanding for the other's point of view.

-One or both of you stop making efforts to please the other.

-Intimacy between the two of you has dwindled to little or nothing.

-Resentment builds because one partner always has to have his or her way.

Tip: If you are reading this and are unsure if it applies to you, it probably does. These are the ways people act toward each other in struggling marriages. Don’t delay. Talk to your spouse. Tell him or her that you are wrestling with these issues, and that you want to go together to talk to a sympathetic clergyman or a counselor who is trained to help in this area. If your spouse won’t go, seeking counseling on your own will help.

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